Reasons For The Popularity Of LED Ceiling Light

time:2022-03-08 14:17:42hit:440

Since the beginning of this year, home lighting has become the main target of LED lamps. Many LED lamp manufacturers have launched LED ceiling lamps, LED bulb lamps, LED downlights, and other home lighting products, and LED ceiling lamps have won this battle. , Sales are booming, many dealers and agents of LED lamps have reported that LED ceiling lamps have become the leading product, which is quite easy to sell, and many LED ceiling lamps can be sold every day.

Why are LED ceiling lamps popular in the market? In fact, this is also expected, which can be seen in terms of technology, quality, cost, and price.

1. Many lighting merchants need LED ceiling lights for retail sales. Now there are LED ceiling lamps in basic lighting stores. When consumers come to buy lamps, the first sentence is to ask "Do you have LED lights?" LED ceiling lamps can quickly seize the display of agency stores, attract consumers, and let consumers recognize the brand, so it has become a sharp weapon for LED lamp manufacturers to open up the market.

2. LED ceiling lamps can be used not only as the main light in the living room but also as lighting fixtures in bedrooms, corridors, toilets, and other places. Therefore, it is the first choice for consumers. Usually, consumers choose LED ceiling lights first and then choose LED ceiling lights, LED downlights, etc. as auxiliary lighting. Therefore, LED ceiling lights are in great demand.

3. The price of LED ceiling lamps tends to become more popular. Due to the improvement in technology, the prices of chips, lamp beads, drivers, etc. have all decreased, and the cost of LED ceiling lamps has also decreased, while the quality has improved. At present, most of the light sources of LED ceiling lamps are patch light sources. If the price is calculated at 5 yuan per watt, it is almost the same as the traditional light source ceiling lamp, but it is more energy-saving and power-saving, so consumers are more willing to accept LED ceiling lamps.